Welcome future DSP Business Owners!

In this course, you will learn how to research, prepare and execute a flawless application.

Welcome to The One Percent Course. A course designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner. Amazon only selects 1% of the people who apply so we MUST continue to do what 99% of people will not do.

What to Expect

Real guidance and education on how to successfully navigate the Amazon DSP program process.

  • Application Preparation

    Get real advice and answers on what Amazon is looking for in applications. Learn the "Top 4 Things to Avoid" when submitting your application.

  • Leadership Training

    Become an Amazonian with the leadership training that they developed. It’s the Amazonian way and they’ve developed 14 principles around it.

  • Final Interview Training

    Learn the top secret that 90% of DSP applicants DON'T do during their meet and greets that they should be doing to ensure they stand out!

What's included?

Learn everything from what NOT to do (or say) to get DENIED. You will learn how to research, prepare and execute a flawless application. Plus, have your application reviewed by Top Performing DSP Business Owner & Licensed Attorney Melodee Rose.

  • 60 minute Pre-Submission Application Consultation with licensed attorney and Top Performing Amazon DSP Owner Melodee Rose Esq.

  • Learn the type of leadership skills that Amazon is looking for in a DSP Owner

  • Step-by step instruction on how to avoid getting DENIED!

  • How to stand out in your Interview both online and via phone

  • The Amazon 14 Principles and how to apply and use them to submit a winning application.

  • Top 10 Application Tips Jumpstart Guide

  • Knowledge Checks

  • Private Facebook Community to ask questions and get live support

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